Quick and good information: That’s what the Level10 publishing house offers with its books on shock wave therapy. Easy to understand and geared to practical requirements, the specialist publications provide an excellent insight into various fields of treatment and will thus be extremely helpful in the daily work.

Level10 makes complex subjects understandable and gives them real structure. Level10 has so far published the books “Enthesiopathies I”, “Myofascial Syndromes & Trigger Points”, “Urology”, “Sonography and ESWT”, "Multidisciplinary Medical Applications” and "Enthesiopathis II".

Order now -  our new handbook "Fascia Treatment with Shock Waves" is available. And in March, our next handbook with the title "Shock Waves in Sports Medicine" will be published. We are happy to take your order.

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As of now the new webportal "Shockwave Therapy in Practice" gives doctors and therapists information about the topic shockwave therapy. Like the correspondant book series by level10 books, the new portal gives high quality information, which is relevante and practical. In addition to recent news and treatment recommendation according to guidelines, the user can find e.g. tips and field reports from other users plus event notes and literature recommendations. is directed towards beginners and advanced users in the fields of orthopaedics and sports medicine as also experts from other medical areas of expertise like urology, dermatology and urology. The responsive design of the portal provides at all time and from everywhere an optimal access. It doesn't matter if desktop-browser, tabletor smartphone: the webportal adapts itself automatically to the particular device and therefore can also be used en route without any limitations.
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Ulrich Dreisilker
188 pages,
RRP 48,00€

Schriftenreihe Pseudarthrosen Teaser EN 100pxESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE:

Dr. med. Frank Bätje
77 pages,
RRP 29,00 €

fascia treatmentFascia Treatment with Shock Waves

Prof. Dr. Beck, Dr. Di Maio, Dr. Swart and C. Ullrich
144 pages,
german and english
RRP 45,00 €

Multidisciplinary Medical ApplicationsMultidisciplinary Medical Applications

Heinz Lohrer, Ludger Gerdesmeyer
300 pages,
RRP 68,00€

Sonography and ESWTSonography and ESWT

Matthias Beck
120 pages,
german, english
RRP 36,00€


Hans-Göran Tiselius
147 pages,
RRP 48,00€


Markus Gleitz
208 pages,
german, english
RRP 49,50€


Ulrich Dreisilker
133 pages,
german, english
RRP 38,50€
french, DVD 38,50€
spanish, PDF 25,00€